What is Nevus Depigmentosus and how to treat it?

Best Treatment to cure Nevus Depigmentosus in Pune


  • It is defined as a congenital nonprogressive hypopigmented macule.
  • It is a loss of pigmentation in the skin which can be easily differentiated from vitiligo.
  • It remains stable and constant throughout in terms of its size and distribution.
  • Another term noted for Nevus Depigmentosus is Acromic Nevus.
  • It can be present at birth or in early childhood.


  • Functional alteration of melanocytes
  • Defect in the transfer of melanosomes.
  • Sporadic defect in embryonic development has been suggested.

Types of Nevus Depigmentosus

  • Localized Nevus Depigmentosus:-

Single patch with ragged borders.

  • Segmental Nevus Depigmentosus:-

Larger in size with midline demarcation

  • Linear Nevus Depigmentosus:-

Extensive patches associated with mental disorders.

Symptoms :-

  • It is a benign birthmark in a localized area.
  • It is solitary.
  • It can be multiple whorls and in streaks
  • Localized white spots on the skin affect any area of the body.
  • Lesions are permanent.
  • Splashed paint appearance
  • The affected side is the trunk, limbs, chest, face.
  • Associated with other neurological, eye, hair, musculoskeletal, internal organ involvement, and limb hypertrophy.

Diagnostic Criteria

  • Pale skin mark from birth or in early childhood.
  • Remains constant throughout life.
  • No alteration in texture or sensation of the lesion.
  • No dark border around the skin.
  • On woods lamp examination it appears like a white spot.

Conventional Treatment

  • Excimer laser for Nevus Depigmentosus:-

308nm Laser light is exposed to the targeted area. ultraviolet radiation induces the production of melanin. Repigmentation occurs with successive sessions until the desired pigmentation is obtained.

  • PUVA Therapy:-

Psoralen ultraviolet A light is used to stimulate melanin production in the affected area.

  • Surgical excision:-

Desired Nevus Depigmentosus is removed with surgical extraction which may or may not leave a scar mark on appeared side.

  • Melanocyte keratinocyte transplantation:-

Melanocytes are extracted and separated from unaffected areas and transplanted in the affected side in order to achieve repigmentation.

  • Suction blister grafting:-

Grafts of skin were obtained by suction method from healthy skin and grafted on the white patch and allowed to heal.

Tips to follow for Nevus Depigmentosus

  • Avoid going in the sun out from causing sunburn to apply sunscreen daily.
  • Apply gentle moisturizer daily
  • Avoid harsh chemicals products on the skin.
  • Avoid usage of hot water on the skin
  • Limit exposure to dry cold weather.
  • Avoid exposure to dust, toxins, air pollutants.

Diet and Regimen

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid all skin problems
  • Opt for citrus fruits to increase Vitamin C in the body such as grapes, oranges, lemons.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower.
  • Consume Vitamin E such as seeds and nuts
  • Keen more on omega 3 fatty acids such as mackerel, salmon fish.
  • Avoid spicy food
  • Avoid oily food instead opt for grill items.
  • Avoid junk food
  • Restrict alcohol and smoking
  • Avoid cold and aerated drinks.
  • Limit on diary products, sugary products, fried food.
  • Coffee and caffeine products to be avoided

Benefits of conventional treatment along with  Homeopathic treatment taken together.

  • Homeopathic Management has played a beneficial role in treating various skin disorders with the help of a holistic approach depending on the totality of symptoms and taking causative factors into consideration.
  • It helps to find out the exact cause of the disease depending upon patient susceptibility and miasm.
  • Though the disease is the same the symptoms may differ from person to person so based on the constitution of a person remedy is prescribed based on individualization.
  • So permanent cure is with complete eradication of the disease.
  • Whereas conventional treatment gives you instant results so the combination of both is very effective if taken together.
  • Recurrence of disease is no more if a cure is achieved from within.

Homeopathic Management

Following are a few remedies that have proved best in clinical practice.

  • Pulsatilla

This is one of the best remedy for Nevus Depigmentosus where medicine is prescribed on basis of symptom totality and constitution of a person. There is a weeping tendency with a changeable mood with burning and itching present all over the skin around the affected side. Nevus is present on the chest and on the face which is white in colour. The tendency for mole formation is brown in colour size of a thumb.

  • Phosphorus

This is one of the best remedy for treating Nevus Depigmentosus which occurs early in childhood. There is an appearance of pale skin with a whitish spot present. Physically the patient is tall slender weak with a narrow Chest with thin transparent skin with nervous debility and emaciation. Bluish discoloration of the skin with blue spot present.

  • Thuja Occidentalis

This is also one of the best remedy for treating Nevus Depigmentosus .skin appears to be dirty and filthy. Nevus appears to be brown and white. eruptions only on the covered part Brown spots appear on the abdomen. a person is exhausted and debilitated.

  • Sulphur

Smooth, moist, nevi birthmarks, brown in colour with itching spots after scratching is very painful. Spot mostly found on back and chest. Burning is present all over the body. physically the patient appears to be a dirty, filthy aversion to being washed.

  • Carbo Vegetables

Birthmark, moist skin, hot perspiration, spider nevi are all characteristics features of this remedy . Continuous scratching aggravates more from the warmth of the bed. Rose-colored, smooth spots warm to touch. Physically the patient is fat, sluggish, lazy, Always desires open air.

Homeo Care Clinic

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