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Diet for Blood Pressure (BP)

Diet For Blood Pressure in Pune

Blood Pressure (BP)

Diet to be followed:

  1. Eat more fruits like apples, bananas grapes, mangoes, melons ,oranges, peaches. Pineapples, kiwi.
  2. Prefer eating vegetables in lunch and dinner time such as spinach ,carrot cabbage ,tomatoes ,green peas, french beans .
  3. Can have fish ,sardines.
  4. Snacks can prefer nuts ,raisins ,unsalted popcorn, oats.
  5. Add beans to your diet
  6. Use olive oil for cooking food
  7. Can include fat free yoghurt once a day .
  8. Whole wheat ,bajra ,jowar ,wheat flour .
  9. Sprouts and legumes such as Matki rajma.
  10. Vegetarian can eat all deals such as moong dal ,masur dal , toor Dal .
  11. Mushroom ,bottle guard ,lady finger can be added in meals on daily basis.
  12. Dry corn ,ragi ,poha is also safe for these patients .
  13. Food items that contain nitrates reduces blood pressure such as beet and pomegranate juice.
  14. Can eat dark chocolate .
  15. Non vegetarian can eat eggs ,grilled chicken.


  1. Processed meat ,sausages should be avoided
  2. High salt intake to be avoided
  3. Soy sauce ,salad dressings with excessive amount of mayonnaise to be avoided
  4. Frozen pizza to be avoided
  5. Pickles ,salt and sugar products to be restricted
  6. Soups ,bread rolls to be avoided
  7. Full fat milk, cream ,cheese should be restricted
  8. Excessive usage of oil to avoided for cooking
  9. Processed deserts with high amount of sugar such as puddings to be restricted
  10. Red meat such as beef ,lamb ,pork to be limited .
  11. Pastries ,cakes to be avoided
  12. Ketchup ,chilli sauce ,soya sauce to be avoided


Dr. Vaseem Choudhary and his team will guide you with your diet details in cases of Blood Pressure (BP) so if you are looking for your assistance then please visit our center.