Homeopathy Treatment For Patchy Hair Loss (Alopacia Areata)

Usually, people observe a patch of hair loss on the scalp which is medically termed as alopecia areata. If you have such a problem must understand the Causes and Treatment of Patchy Hair Loss or Alopecia areata.


  • Autoimmune disorder

Where our own body attacks our hair follicles which results in falling of hair in clumps due to altered immune system

  • Using unknown shampoos and chemicals on the scalp
  • Certain medications
  • Underlying disease like cancer, anemia
  • Improper nutritional diet
  • Family history of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes where hair follicles become smaller in size and stop producing hair

Other Alternatives:

  • Apply coconut oil, castor oil,
  • Vitamins like zinc and biotin
  • Alovera drinks and topical gels
  • Scalp massage with orange juice
  • Herbal supplements such as green tea
  • Use soft round bristles brush
  • Avoid unnecessary combing
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest
  • Avoid harsh treatments on hair such as rollers, curling iron, hot oil treatments
  • Protect hair from sunlight and other ultraviolet light

Homeopathic Remedies:

1. Arsenic Album:

This remedy acts well for patchy hair loss when the patient also complains that there is burning pain on the scalp with continuous itching, pain aggravates more on itching, the scalp is very sensitive to touch.

2. Vinca Minor:

Usually, this remedy is indicated when there is a tendency for hair to fall in spots and then it gets replaced by white hair along with it there is itching and hard scratching which may sometimes form a crust on the scalp, this remedy also acts best when there is hair fall with eruptions on the scalp

3. Natrum Mur:

This remedy is mostly indicated when there is hair fall due to decreased immunity, a person is pale anemic and weak hair fall in patches especially from the forehead of the scalp, this remedy acts well in especially those females when hair loss occurs after childbirth, female looks pale anemic

4. Graphites:

This remedy is indicated especially when there is hair fall usually after menopausal age ,hairfall usually starts in patches from centre of scalp and then progresses towards  entire scalp ,there is falling of hair from temples and occiput with marked eruptions ,alopecia is also seen in infants too ,scalp is usually moist with itching all over

Does homeopathy deals with hairloss ?

-Yes, definitely Homeopathic remedies are safe, natural, and effective without any side effects unlike other conventional treatments

Is Homeopathy effective for regaining hair back ?

Hair growth can occur with homeopathy provided you treat it rightly with correct similimum

In what way Homeopathy is useful for hair loss ?

-With its fundamentals, Homeopathy helps in treating the root cause, by correcting hormonal problems and giving a long-term cure.