Homeopathic Treatment for Acidity

Acidity is termed as heartburn indigestion and sometimes pyrosis.

Food that we eat is digested through our gastric glands which secrete acid but if at all due to any disturbances gastric glands secrete more acid than the amount needed then a discomfort feeling is felt in the chest this is what said as acidity. Dr. Vaseem Choudhary gives you the Best Homeopathic Treatment on Acidity. Before treatment know its causes and symptoms.


1) Irregular meals times

2) Extremely spicy food

3) Fat rich food such as pizza ,doughnut ,fried food

4) Low protein diet

5) Sleeping immediately after meals

6) Specific antibiotics or NSAID

7) Smoking

8) Alcohol


1. Burning sensation in the stomach and below the breast bone

2. Hiccups without any known cause

3. Regurgitation continuous sour taste in the mouth

4. Nausea with indigestion

5. Restless and indigestion


1. Drink a lot of juices like coconut water buttermilk, lime juice

2. Always eat a high protein diet for better digestion

3. Drink lukewarm water after every meal

4. Regular meal timings

5. Dinner to be taken 2 hours before sleep

6. Include fruits like banana, oranges in your meal

7. Take fresh yogurt

8. Apple cider vinegar in water every morning empty stomach also helps in known cases of acidity


1) Lycopodium:

This remedy acts well in indigestion with a feeling of bloated around your abdomen  patient often complains of tightened feeling when wearing a pants belt around waistline causes discomfort complains aggravates more on eating onion

2) Arsenic Album:

This remedy acts well especially in elderly who feels weakly exhausted and the restless burning sensation is present all over the chest and in the stomach, patient desires to take warm water and sitting posture gives more relief complaints starting after eating stale food often is a well-marked feature for this remedy

3) Natrum Phos:

Regurgitation of food with a sour taste in mouth yellow coating of the tongue backflow of bits of food in the mouth is also keynote feature of this remedy patient desires to eat more eggs which later on causes indigestion

4) Phosphorus:

A person who feels discomfort in the chest and also feels uneasy whole day and becomes relax after taking cold food is suggestive of this remedy, These patients are more prone to bleed and so have a known cause of stomach ulcers person desires to take cold drinks every time but vomits it out after few hours.

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