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Diet Chart For Thyroid


The thyroid gland is said to be an endocrine gland which secretes 2 hormones T3 and T4

Hypothyroidism(Diet to be followed)

A condition where the body does not make enough thyroid hormones

  • Iodine rich products such as fish and eggs
  • Selenium rich products should be added daily like nuts, legumes, tuna
  • Zinc containing supplements also act great in cases of hypothyroidism like beef, chicken
  • Fruits like bananas, oranges, tomato can be eaten
  • Cheese, yogurt can be eaten but in moderate quantity
  • Olives can also be effective


  • Certain vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, soybean, broccoli should be avoided
  • Sweet potato and strawberries should also be reduced
  • Soy foods like tofu to be stopped
  • Coffee, green tea should also be restricted
  • Alcoholic beverages should be prohibited

Hyperthyroidism (Diet to be followed)

When there is an excess thyroid hormone in the body

      • Oats meal is said to be best effective in breakfast
      • Egg whites are considered to be safe
      • Unsalted nuts can be taken in snacks
      • Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower should be added for lunch
      • Lentils, whole grains, dried beans also acts safe in hyperthyroidism
      • Red meat, beef, chicken is also said to be safe
      • Cashews, the mushroom can be eaten in snacks



  1. Avoid excessive cheese, milk, and diary products
  2. Salads full of cabbage, lettuce, carrots to be avoided
  3. Soy milk, soy sauce to be avoided
  4. Coffee, tea, to be skipped
  5. Alcohol beverages should be prohibited
  6. Chocolates, ice-cream to be avoided


Dr. Vaseem Choudhary and his team will guide you with your diet details in cases of thyroid dysfunction so if you are looking for your assistance then please visit our center.

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