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Diet Chart For Fungal Infection

diet for fungal infection


  1. Diet which is low in sugars is said to be best effective for fungal infections such as
  2. Eggs can be option for breakfast
  3. Fruits like apples, lemon, lime, berries can be eaten
  4. Cloves, garlic, ginger can be used in meal preparation
  5. Vegetables like broccoli, radish, cabbage, cucumbers, spinach, onion can be eaten in lunch or dinner
  6. Sprouts should be added daily to your meal
  7. Nonveg can opt for chicken, fish
  8. Yoghurt also is said to be safe for fungal infections
  9. Coconut oil is also effective at times
  10. Black walnut can be better option in snacks


  1. Cane sugar, honey, maple syrup to be avoided
  2. Fruits like bananas, grapes, mangoes to be avoided
  3. Wheat, rye, barley to be avoided
  4. Potato, carrots to be also lessen
  5. Cheese, milk, cream not to be used frequently
  6. Bakery products like pastries, donuts, and cake to be avoided
  7. Fried meals like French fries or fried chicken with excessive oil should be restricted
  8. Chocolates, ice-cream to be lessen


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