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Home Diet for Diabetes

Diet for Diabetes

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Diabetes is the condition where the body is unable in utilizing the glucose from the meals and when it gets excess in the blood it results into diabetes.


  1. Fatty fish like salmon, sardines which contain omega 3 helps to reduce heart disease whereas causing maintaining normal blood sugar levels too
  2. Green leafy vegetables like broccoli containing vitamin C helps in avoiding harmful hazards due to diabetes
  3. Avocado also is said to be effective in diabetic patients
  4. Eggs in breakfast promote good health management for healthy human beings
  5. Oatmeal, brown bread can be taken
  6. Chia seeds flax seeds help in avoiding weight gain and in order helps to maintain your blood sugar level
  7. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts are also safe
  8. Beans, sprouts can be eaten
  9. Black coffee without sugar can be taken


  1. Sugar sweetened beverages are to be strictly avoided in diabetes
  2. Fruit juices like oranges, sweetlime to be avoided
  3. White bread, pasta to be avoided
  4. Cheese, butter, not to be taken in excess
  5. Honey, mapple syrup to be avoided
  6. Soda, beer, chocolate drink, energy drink to be avoided
  7. Fruits like pineapples, cherries, mangoes, oranges to be avoided
  8. White rice, white flour not to be taken
  9. Pickles, sauces, preservatives to be avoided
  10. Jams, jellies, to be avoided
  11. Regular ice-cream, regular whole milk, yoghurt to be avoided


Has treated many patients of diabetes successfully with his mastery skills and expertise in knowledge Along with treatment for conservative management diet and exercise is also recommended to the patient for best results Please visit the centre for further details