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Diet For Gall Bladder Calculi

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Gall stones occur when the bile which is a normal fluid form stones in your gall bladder


  1. Regularly on daily basis eat diet having high protein content like beans like black beans and pulses
  2. Eat fruits like oranges, sweetlime, strawberry, kiwi twice a week which helps in increasing your vitamin C
  3. Drink milk 1 glass daily
  4. Nuts such as walnuts ,almonds, cashews are to be eaten
  5. Legumes like lentils can also be consumed without restriction
  6. Low fat food like fish ,soy and soy products
  7. Unsaturated fats like omega 3 also helps in protecting gall bladder like fish oil, flax seeds,
  8. Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, potato, tomatoes should be added in meal
  9. Diary products like yoghurt, milk aids best for gall bladder function


  1. Sugars, sweeteners to be strictly avoided
  2. Candies, chocolates, ice-cream should not be eaten
  3. Cakes, pastries
  4. Sauces
  5. Red meat ,beef ,pork
  6. Fried food such as french fries. Fried chicken
  7. Mayonnaise, cheese to be avoided
  8. Bread, pasta not to be eaten
  9. Alcoholic to be prohibited
  10. White flour
  11. Fast food to be avoided


If you are finding ways for preventing gall stones contact Dr. Vaseem Choudhary for conservative management with diet and exercises at the clinic for further assistance