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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

No more waxing, threading, or bleaching worries. Thanks to advanced laser technologies at Skinovate, permanent removal of unwanted hair can be done on both men and women.

Laser hair removal is the most opted treatment method to get rid of the hair. When pigments absorb the light, the highly concentrated laser beams destroy the hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. Because of the high intensity of each pulse received from diode laser equipment, the hair removal procedure takes very little time.

At Skinovate, our dermatologists, trichologists, cosmetic, and plastic surgeons extensively use lasers for safe and effective treatment. With a wide variety of lasers available for various ailments, we ensure the perfect treatment without any permanent side effects.

Although lasers have been employed in dermatology for the last forty years or so, it was only during the last two decades, it had revolutionized the medical field. Unprecedented advancements in laser technology have been aptly employed in the medical field for a wide spectrum of skin treatment procedures. The deployment of lasers in the treatment procedure has made the duration of the treatment cycle shrink.

Even the side effects such as temporary pain, bruising, redness are quite temporary and with our prescribed medications, they all subside in a few days. As a responsible player in the medical field, we absolutely practice all safety precautions for the safe handling of lasers. Skinovate, the renowned medical center for cosmetic, and laser treatments.