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Diet For Gallbladder Polyps

Diet to be followed: 

1) High fibre foods-: High fiber food Include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for a healthy
digestive system.


2) low protein foods-: Options for lean protein sources like poultry, fish, and legumes.


3) Increase water intake-: Stay well-hydrated for healthy digestive system


4) Eating more fruits and vegetables


5) Drinking beet juice and eating beets


6) Increase intake of ginger and turmeric


7) Drinking unrefined olive oil on an empty stomach


8) Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids -: food contain omega-3 fatty acids are fish , sea
foods, flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts


9) Drinking pear juice and eating pears fruit

Other – ( Daily Routine )

10) Take regular meal -: Aim for regular, balanced meals to promote steady digestion.


11) Physical Activity -: Incorporate regular exercise into your routine, as it may aid digestion and overall well-being.


12) Weight Management -: Maintain a healthy weight, as obesity can be a risk factor for
gallbladder issue.

Things to avoid 

1) High-Fat Foods : Reduce the consumption of fried foods, processed snacks, and fatty


2) Spicy foods


3) Caffeine and Alcohol : Limit intake as they can affect the gallbladder.


4) Avoid carbonated beverages


5) Avoid full fat daily products : Avoid whole milk , cheese, butter


6) Low-Fat Foods : Choose a diet low in saturated and trans fats to reduce
gallbladder stimulation –


a) Foods high in saturated fats include :

Foods baked or fried food, Meats, including beef, lamb, pork as well as
poultry, especially with skin. Dairy products like butter and cream. Whole- milk cheese or yogurt. Oils from coconuts, palm fruits, or palm kernels.


B) Foods high in trans fats include :

Trans fats are a type of fat that raises bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol. There are very small amounts of naturally occurring trans fat in meats and dairy from grazing animals, such as cows, sheep and goats.


But most trans fats are in plant oils that have been chemically changed to be a solid fat. These
are called partially hydrogenated oils. At one time, trans fat oils were thought to be a healthy
choice to replace saturated fats


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