Derma Roller for Hair Loss/Hair Thinning

What is Derma-Roller?

Derma Roller is a plastic handheld device with many small surgical needles.

These needles are used to make tiny pricks into the skin. The pricks penetrate into the skin just deep enough in depths sufficient to stimulate the production of new cells and boost circulation without causing skin damage and pain.

The size of the needle chosen will depend on how much hair present on the head. If the hair is less, such as in men who have lost their hair and have shaved the remainder off then use of 0.25mm to 1.00mm is the best option.
If hair thinning is present then 1.00mm to 2.00mm is recommended.

Derma Roller not only reduces hair loss but also promotes hair growth by injecting nutrient-rich homeopathic medicine liquid into the mesoderm of the scalp.

Indication for Derma Roller

1. Hair loss
2. Hair Thinning
3. Hair Regrowth

Derma Roller Technique for Hair loss/Hair Growth

1. Massage the hair restoration medicine (Homeopathic medicine) on the complete scalp
2. Use Derma roller beginning at the front of the head at the hairline and work your way down the back of the head.
3. Repeat the process from front to back until you have covered all the affected areas.
4. Roll each area 10-15 times to ensure adequate coverage and absorption of the medicine.
5. Apply hair growth serum to the treatment area again. Massage this gently into the scalp.

Advantages of Derma Roller:

1. Simple and comfortable.
2. Non-surgical
3. Painless
4. Short Duration
5. No pre & post precautionary measures required.


1.Do not share Derma Roller.
2.Do one section of the scalp at a time, rolling horizontally, vertically, and diagonally 3-4 times
3.Apply homeopathic liquid medicine to the scalp daily

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