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There is nothing more embarrassing than to brush off those white flakes off your shoulder seen especially when you’re wearing dark colours. Dark outfits and dandruff simply don’t go together. And sadly most people do have dandruff and invest great time and money on it.

Dandruff is an all-prevailing ailment, most commonly found in people between the ages of 12 and 80. Also described as Seborrhea Capitol or excessive sebum production of the scalp, today it is mostly agreed that dandruff is associated with a tiny fungus called Pityrosporum ovale, which constitutes the major part of skin flora.

Dandruff is characterized by small white flakes falling from the scalp. While a small amount is normal, as dead skin cells flake off your scalp, many people experience an unusually large amount of flaking. This often leads to their shoulders being covered in tiny white snowflakes. While many people blame dry skin, oily skin, diet, hygiene and stress as causes of dandruff, most scientists believe that dandruff is actually caused by a fungal infection. The good news is that dandruff can be treated naturally.


Excessive use of hair sprays and gels, hair-coloring products, curling irons.
Cold weather and dry indoor heaters.
Infrequent shampooing of the hair or inadequate rinsing of the scalp and hair.
When one suffers from Dandruff they often turn to anti-dandruff or detergent-based shampoos, which clean the hair well, but they often cause drying of the scalp, which makes the flaking worse.
 Fungal infection
 Dry scalp