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Diet for Kidney Stone

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A kidney stone is a hard mass that forms from crystals in the urine.. Common types of stones are calcium oxalate stones and uric acid stones.

Food Items to Eat:

  • First and foremost thing is to drink 2 to 3 litres of water per day .
  • Eat legumes such as beans ,dried peas lentils.
  • Can have salad if beet ,cabbage with dressings of mayonnaise.
  • Drink lemonade and coconut water for hydration.
  • You can also have soy products such as soy nut butter, tofu
  • Can have juices like watermelon juice or pineapple juice .
  • Can have buttermilk of low fat or skimmed milk
  • Can have egg yolk, oats, upma, onion uttapa for breakfast .
  • Eat fruits like oranges,apples, banana.
  • Can eat rice in medium quantity.
  • You can also have paneer or Dal with good amount of vegetables like ladyfinger , mutter, pumpkin , brinjal for lunch and dinner .
  • Non vegetarian can have chicken or mutton curry accordingly to preference .

Avoid These Food Items:

    • Avoid Red meat ,shellfish, sardines, wheat bran.
    • Avoid alcohol beverages like beer.
    • Avoid nuts ,peanuts for snacks
    • Avoid berries
    • Avoid high salt intake
    • Avoid coffee
    • Avoid cauliflower and spinach
    • Avoid chocolate and tea
    • Avoid spinach ,beets ,sweet potato.
    • Avoid fructose corn syrup.




Dr. Vaseem Choudhary and his team will guide you with your diet details in cases of Kidney Stone so if you are looking for your assistance then please visit our center.