Case Study – Kidney Stones Treated With Homeopathy Successfully

A 36-year-old female, Mrs. S.M. (Registration Number: AAT-123) visited the Homeo Care Clinic on 17th November 2019 for the Kidney Stone (Renal Calculi). H/O – Pain in left side of Abdomen radiating to back, nausea, fever, and loss of motion. Consulted physician and doctor advised for Sonography. Sonography (10th November 2019)  showed three calculi i.e. 5.8mm, 6.1mm, and 6.4mm.

In addition to this, Mrs. S.M. also had a Left ovarian cyst. i.e. 34 mm cyst along with irregular menses since 2016 and also complained about acidity.

Mrs. S.M. was a non-vegetarian and loved to have sour and spicy food. She is thirsty less. She had irregular digestion. She said that she had mood swings and an increased appetite before menses.

Mrs. S.M. was a housewife, married in 2016. She had a happy and well-supported childhood. She was a confident and polite lady. She was emotionally very sensitive and had a fear of lifts. Used to mix up easily and more of a talker.

She suffered from Increased WBC Count and Chickenpox in the past. Her two brothers also had kidney stone complaints.

Dr. Vaseem Choudhary studied her case in detail and prescribed his medicine along with Natrum Mur 200 to the patient.


At her first follow-up on 27th November 2019, Mrs. S.M. had an episode of severe pain in the left side of the abdomen. She had loose motions and vomiting. Prescribed Natrum Mur 1M and advised to increase the dose of regular medicine.

On 25th December 2019, she reported that there was reduced pain, nausea reduced, no vomiting, burning in the stomach reduced, acidity reduced. Advised to continue the medicine for 2 months.

On 1st February 2020, she reported that while passing urine she felt that stone has passed while urination. Acidity present, Heaviness of stomach reduced. Advised to continue medicine.

In March 2020 because of Covid-19 lockdown, She started with Online Consultation. she had no complaints of renal stones at all. She was feeling as if they have almost vanished. She started getting her regular menses. Her complaints of bloating and acidity too had reduced by 50%. Mrs. S.M. was advised to repeat the sonography.

On 9th January 2020, she came along with her latest sonography reports. The reports mentioned that there was no evidence of renal calculi and also her left ovarian cyst has completely gone. Her menses were regular for the last 3-4 months.  Mrs. S.M. was extremely delighted to see her reports as the stones in her kidney had vanished. She was happy as both her complaints had reduced incredibly.