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Back pain Treatment

 All that you need to do is to click on the Online Consultation link and answer our brief questionnaire. Dr. Vaseem Choudhary and his team of doctors will review your case and take care of your treatment plan.
Homeopathic remedies are effective in relieving the symptoms of pain, numbness, stiffness.

 Most patients that come to us have been taking Pain killers for years together. We start our remedies along with the Pain killers and over a period of time get our patients entirely off the Pain killers medicine. Eventually, they can even stop the Homeopathic remedies.


Backache is a pain felt at back. Episodes of pain can acute, sub-acute, or chronic type depending upon the duration.

 Improper Posture

 Continuous sitting for a long time at one place



 Pain near the neck is known as Cervical Spondylosis.

 Pain near Upper backache is known as thoracic Backache

 Pain at the lower back is known Lumbar backache

 Pain at sacrum is known as Sacral Backache