Homeopathic Remedies for Dry and Sensitive Skin

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  • Around 50 percent of people have sensitive and dry
  • Sensitive skin is noticed when you have allergy or skin reaction due to any soap or moisturizer .
  • Few changes in daily skin regime might be sufficient to treat the cause within if the illness is temporary .



  • Skin becomes dry and sensitive when it looses too much of water and oil .
  • Mostly affected parts are hands, feet, arms , legs
  • Skin peels out like scales.
  • Skin feel rough to touch
  • Skin can also crack , bleed .
  • Dry sensitive skin can cause redness. Itchiness and formation of blisters or eruptions when exposed to harmful detergents or harsh cosmetic products.
  • Irregular hard skin may sometimes lead to exfoliation.



  • Use mild and gentle soap free cleanser on daily basis.
  • Use moisturiser and lotions containing hydraulic acid such as Cetaphil body lotion.
  • Shea butter oil which is considered as natural skin oil can be safe.
  • Use hypoallergenic laundry detergent such as tide free to avoid rough hands.
  • Oatmeal based creams can also give soothing effect for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Eucerin sensitive night creams are also said to be safe which protects skin from irritation.


Homeopathic Remedies for Dry Sensitive Skin.


  • Petroleum

One of the best remedy for dry cracked skin is petroleum especially on finger tips and palms. Patient often tend to have deep sore cracks which often bleed. Itching becomes worse at night and from warmth in bed .


  • Calendula

This is also said to be one of the best remedy for dry sensitive skin. Mostly used in blister formation and eruptions on skin due to dryness .Skin appears to be thickened and cracked and dry .


  • Sulphur

This is also one of the best remedy in treating dry and sensitive skin. Eruptions on skin appear to be inflamed with severe burning and itching . Complaints gets aggravated more due to warmth .Dryness is well marked feature of this remedy .


  • Rhustoxicodendron

Skin appears to be dry red hot swollen with intense itching .person is restless from discomfort .Due to his complaints he is very irritable .Dryness of skin leads to exfoliation with intense eruptions which may ooze out blood .


  • Antimonium Crudum

One of the best remedy for dry and sensitive skin. Skin appears to be thick , cracked with severe itching from warmth and sun exposure. Impetigo, plantar warts, calluses, eczema are all skin problems which crop up due to dry and sensitive skin.


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