Is Being Bald Making You Depressed?

hair loss treatment
  • Nowadays in this modern era and fast pace of life cosmetology has gained popularity worldwide at a higher rate.
  • Hair is considered as an important element signifying your personality in the cosmetic era and giving your face an attractive look.
  • Baldness is said to be a complete lack of hair growth or hair thinning.


  • Unhygienic condition
  • Over usage of a variety of hair shampoo and hair serums.
  • Dandruff
  • Lack of nutrients in daily meals.
  • Performing various hair treatments that damage hair such as hair straightening, and hair coloring.
  • Lack of knowledge to use correct hair shampoo on basis of hair texture.



  • Baldness has been in limelight nowadays as it determines persona and helps in boosting confidence.
  • Various invasive and non-invasive treatments are been carried out to avoid baldness
  • Picking out the right and correct treatment according to your hair texture is essential in order to prevent hair loss and control permanent damage to hair.

Homeo Care Clinic guides you in the proper way to treat your baldness depending on your hair analysis.

Homeo Care Clinic

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