Homeopathic Treatment for Knee Pain

  • Knee pain is termed as an acute or chronic illness that may be the result of an injury or due to any type of medical disease
  • An injury might be because of cartilage tear or ruptured ligament and also various medical diseases like gout, arthritis, and infections. Know Causes and symptoms of Knee pain from Dr. Vaseem Choudhary.


A common type of knee injuries include:

  • ACL Tear:

This is found mainly in sportsmen who have a continuous change in movements in  playing  soccer or basketball which results in an anterior cruciate ligament tear

  • Fractures:

Osteoporosis especially in old people involving patella knee cap causing weakness in bones may tend to fractures

  • Meniscus Injury:

People who are engaged in constantly weight-bearing may sometimes undergo a twist to the knee because of which the meniscus is damaged which acts as a shock absorber.

  • Inflammations:

Certain inflammations in knee bursae or knee tendons could also lead to the collision of tendons and ligaments resulting in injury.


  • Redness and warmth feeling on the knee
  • Stiffness with restricted movement
  • Crackling noises on the movement of the knee
  • Pain on moving the joint
  • Swelling


Physical therapy and knee braces help to bring a reduction in symptoms of knee pain whereas in severe cases surgical repair could be the best suitable management for treatment


1) Bryonia:

This remedy is indicated in people having knee pain due to movement of leg and pain is relieved when leg is immobile Dryness is well marked feature and all complaints are aggravated more due to cold exposure

2) Silica:

This remedy is often indicated in people who are unable  to hold the knee pain especially when something is tightly bound around it desires the knee to be left open under all circumstances of injuries or fractures even a slight bandage could aggravate the pain more

3) Rhustox:

This remedy acts well in those patients who often complain that the first movement of the leg causes them pain but continuous motion relieves the pain old people often complain that after getting up the first movement of the leg causes jerk and severe pain whereas continuous motion or walking  leads to disappear of symptoms

4) Lachesis:

Pain because of medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or abnormal growth in the knee could be better by this remedy changeability of part of affection is also a well-marked feature for this remedy.


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