Why Homeopathy is better than Allopathy

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  • Homeopathy and allopathy both are derived from Greek words but homeo means similar disease whereas allopathy means other than the disease
  • Truly speaking homeopathy is based on natural substances to treat the human body as a whole and not just the influenced part whereas allopathy treats only the disease part or organ
  • In Homeopathy the difference between any two individuals react to similar disease are an indication of the unique way in which each of them reacts this uniqueness of the symptoms and reaction brings indifference in the remedy prescribed to each of them, Whereas allopathy only processes the symptoms and not the causes
  • Homeopathic medicines are always prescribed on the basis of individualization that means medicine might change for different people having similar diseases whereas in allopathy two people having similar symptoms might be given the same set of drugs
  • Coming to side effects homeopathy has no side effects but it is well-known fact that anything taken in excess is bound to be harmful so if you take them in excess due to negligence it may cause harmful effects while allopathy has its own side effects either internal or external effects connected with every prescribed medicine
  • Most allopathic practitioners attempt to treat an illness by targeting the part of the body affected or identifying the causative agent such as virus or bacteria and treating it which might land into short term cure and on the other side Homeopathic doctors believe that emotional and psychological stress causes the body to become more susceptible to disease and attempt to cure these breaches in the immune system which is termed as long term cure
  • Allopathy medicine has its base on the theory of four humours ie blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black, and four bodily conditions that are hot, cold wet, dry related to four elements earth, air fire, water is the root cause of all the disease those physicians who were following Hippocratic tradition tried to balance the humours by treating symptoms with their opposite for eg excess blood was believed to be the cause of fever and the solution was reached by bloodletting so as to cool down the patient by agents such as antipyretic, analgesic and homeopathy treats the person as a whole by a holistic approach which results into a permanent cure
  • Cases of allergies, hormonal imbalances mental disturbances like anxiety, fear depression are best treated by Homeopathic remedies whereas allopathy does not give permanent relief for these conditions

Homeopathic drugs do not cause addiction and can be prescribed to people of any age including pregnant women and infants  while on the contrary certain allopathic medicines are not recommended  in pregnant women and infants