Molluscum is termed a viral skin infection that results in painless eruptions.

It can spread easily to other areas if been scratched.


  • DNA poxvirus molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV)


  • A person using the same clothes as an infected person.
  • Sexual contact with an infected partner.
  • Continuous scratching on eruptions and contaminating nearby skin.
  • Low immunity.
  • Skin to skin contact.
  • Unhygienic surroundings.
  • Swimming pool chlorinated water has a virus.


  • Raised round fleshy pink colour pearl-like papule eruptions
  • 1-3mm in diameter with a dimpled center with surrounding inflamed area
  • Continuous itching
  • Eruptions may appear anywhere in the body but the most common site is the face, genitals, lower limbs. Neck


  • Try to keep yourself clean by washing your hands continuously.
  • Avoid touching infected parts by scratching.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.
  • Avoid sharing clothes, bathing towels.
  • Avoid swimming especially when infected in order to avoid spreading to other persons.
  • Keep a good intake of fruits, vegetables in a meal for boosting immunity.
  • Take precautions when sexually active with partners.


  • Cryotherapy with nitrous oxide
  • Laser therapy with dye



This remedy acts well when there are warts like eruptions all over the body but mostly affected area Is genitals especially anogenital area, eruptions become worse on scratching, a person is very sensitive gets irritable due to complaints well-marked feature for this remedy is that eruptions are found mostly on the covered parts, mentally patient is very fixed minded.

  • Sulphur

This remedy acts well for all types of skin eruptions papules are most intense and burning, a person desires to scratch a lot until it bleeds,  there is soreness of skin along with marked dryness all over even warm application or warm water might aggravate the complaint more mentally patient is irritable, restless, nervous.

  • Silicea

The patient is very chilly thermally desires for warmth application and warm clothing there are eruptions that are umbilicated in the center and produce offensive pus there is continuous scratching all over especially more in daytime eruptions well marked in children and at infancy when fontanelle is open with the bloated abdomen.

  • Calcarea ars

There are eruptions presently on open areas especially at the face and on the scalp, there is continuous scratching until it bleeds there is the coldness of the head patient is very pale, anemic, debilitated, nervous, irritable eruptions might spread to the nape of the neck.


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