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Cough is termed as the expulsion of air from large airways in order to clear lung passages.



  • Productive Couch

This type of cough comes from the chest along with mucus in it which is normally termed as expectoration depending upon the severity of the disease expectoration has its colour either white or green or yellow

  • Dry cough :

This cough comes from the throat when it is deprived of mucus, Usually, irritation is noticed in the throat while coughing

  • Bronchitis :

This cough arises from the inflammation of bronchioles resulting in the yellowish colour  of expectoration usually flu symptoms like running nose and headache are also accompanied

  • Whooping cough :

This type of cough is contagious which denotes past infection this cough remains for several weeks


This type of cough occurs in severe lung  infections like

  • Tuberculosis which produces night cough
  • Lung cancer causes hacking and cough
  • Asthma causes cough with a whistling sound heard all over the room
  • COPD where could occurs along with other complaints like pink puffers or blue bloaters with shortness of breath


  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Wheezing and rattling sound
  • Shortness of breath
  • Frequent throat clearing or sore throat
  • Palpitations
  • Loss of appetite
  • Perspiration
  • Irritable restless
  • Excessive cough resulting in bouts of vomits


  • In severe cases of cough, we should avoid fried food and fatty food
  • Ginger acts best in severe cases of cough with its nutritive properties
  • 1 TSP of honey in warm water also helps in cough suppression
  • Peppermint also helps in improving breathing by activating receptors of the respiratory tract in severe coughing
  • Avoid cold and chill water which aggravates more cough
  • Sometimes sudden climatic changes like cold and damp weather could also aggravate cough so prefer warmth
  • Dust microbes pollen could also trigger cough


  • Antim Tart :

Usually, there is a cough with no mucus cough usually rattles in the chest complaints  becomes so severe that makes the patient get up and sit in the night but still, there is no mucus cough is followed by hoarseness person becomes frustrated, irritable, due to his sickness

  • Kali Bichrom :

Cold with thick nasal discharge usually follows cough which is rattling and stubborn in nature, There is productive Cough with Thick ropy yellow colour expectoration At first cough is only dry but as days pass it becomes productive with full of mucus with blockage of sinuses with post nasal drip

  • Hepar Sulph :

Hard or dry rattling cough with chilliness is a well-marked feature of this remedy there is splinter sensation present in the throat with yellow colour expectoration There is barking rattling hard dry cough  complaints are usually aggravated by cold wind and damp weather patient is usually irritable and restless due to his complaints

  • Arsenic Album :

Cough is usually asthmatic with wheezing and frothy expectoration there is the sensation of constricted feeling in the chest with choking sensation and burning all over the patient is anxious restless and feels exhausted debilitated

  • Bryonia :

This remedy relieves dry cough which is very painful complaints gets worse on motion or on talking and the patient feels relief by sitting down or lying down there is excessive thirst patient feels weak emaciated feeling due to cough patient have to hold the chest while coughing complaints are also better by warmth

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