Leucoderma is termed a skin disorder that results due to a lack of melanin pigment in the skin which gives a whitish colour all over the surface area of the affected part of the skin.


  • Viral infection
  • Stress
  • Family history either any of the parents or siblings has the same disorder.
  • Autoimmune


  • Segmental leucoderma

This usually occurs in adolescent age affected any one segment of the body which can be temporary.

  • Non -Segmental Leucoderma

This usually occurs on both sides of the body and remains for long life.


  • Milky white patches on the skin.
  • Greyish hair at an early stage of life.
  • Colour of the retina changes.
  • All parts may be affected including eyebrows, eyelashes, genitals,mucous membranes.


Usually  PUVA therapy, topical creams are been advised


  • Calcarea Carb :

This is one of the best remedy prescribed to people having white milk-like spots on the face, chest .patients also get perspiration on head-neck patient desire for eggs and all complaints get aggravated on cold exposure there is a constant fear of contagious disease

  • Sulphur :

This remedy is usually prescribed to a patient who have skin problems for years and who have tried lots of skin ointments, creams  there are white spots on the skin with burning sensation patient feels it itchy, mentally the patient is said to be wandering with thoughts there is a desire for sweets

  • Arsenic album :

Whitish spots are observed on the skin with dirty and tough skin patient desires for warmth skin complaints usually alternate with respiratory complaints there is anxiety about health with mental and physical restlessness patients desires to be clean and because of disease he gets irritable

  • Sepia :

This remedy acts especially in females having white patches especially on face patient feels aversion even to talk to anyone indifference is the well-marked remedy they avoid friends and family members once whom they had affection for they lack mental and physical work they become irritable and restless due to skin disease.

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