Management of Gastro-oeshophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) with Homeopathy

Patient Background: 

A 32-year-old male named Mr. A.B. (registration number: ACD-43) has presented with complaints of burning in the throat along with dry burps and uneasiness in the stomach since April 2022. Frequency of complaints 4-5 times per week, took allopathic antacids for treatment. Poor digestion with satisfactory motion. Bleeding gums while brushing since 2010. Allergic cold with dust allergy.  

 Past medical history: 

The patient had a medical history of jaundice, chikungunya, and COVID in 2022. 

 Family history-    

The father has hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and digestion issues, and the mother has a history of depression and bleeding gums. 

 Personal History: 

The patient reported being chilly and thirsty, with a specific desire for sweets and an aversion to smell of curd. He had a dream of running and escaping. There is a habit of consuming alcohol once a month. Despite his gastrointestinal discomfort, the patient claimed sound sleep. 


Arsenic Album 200 was prescribed based on the patient’s symptoms. 

 Mental History: 

Mentally, the patient exhibited a timid demeanor but took time to mix up with people. He had stage and exam fear. There is extreme confusion with the weakness of memory. There was a tendency to suppress anger. 


  1. 23/11/2022: There is no history of coughs or colds. Burning in the throat is reduced. Further reduction in dry burps and uneasiness in the stomach (30% improvement). Bleeding gums present with an allergic cold. Advised to continue medication.
  2. 23/02/2023: Stomach uneasiness with burps. Burning in the throat was reduced with a reduction in complaints of bleeding gums. Significant improvement (30–40%) was continued with medicines.
  3. 6/04/2023: Slight improvement (50%) with a reduction in the burning throat with decreased burps and stomach uneasiness. Bleeding gums and allergic colds also decreased.
  4. 14/07/2023: Marked improvement (70%) with reduction in burning throat. Stomach uneasiness and burping decreased. Allergic colds and bleeding gums decreased.
  5. 28/11/2023: There is a good improvement (90%) in complaints of stomach uneasiness and burning in the throat. Allergic colds and burping complaints were reduced.
  6. 9/02/2024: Complete recovery; no more burping and allergic colds. Fully recovered from burning in the throat and stomach uneasiness.


The homeopathic intervention not only resolved the gastro-oesophageal reflux disease but also contributed to overall well-being, including improved sleep and mental calmness. The final follow-up in February 2024 confirmed the complete recovery of the patient, highlighting the successful management of his presenting complaints.