homeopathy treatment of homeopathy treatment of aplastic anemia

A 65-year-old female patient named B.S. (Registration number: ACX-18) living on the interior side of Maharashtra contacted Homeo Care Clinic on October 31, 2023. The case was taken on an audio call as the patient was not physically well enough to visit the clinic. The call was heard with great sincerity. The patient has had chief complaints of aplastic anemia since May 2022. She was suffering from red and black spots all over her body, black stool, weakness, and a reduced appetite. She was having severe leg pain with gum bleeding. She had to take a blood transfusion once every 15 days.

At the time of consultation, her Hb level was 2.2 and her platelet count was only 8000.

Past History:

The patient had undergone a hysterectomy in 2010.


There was no significant family history.


The patient’s appetite was significantly reduced. Her sleep was disturbed.


On mental assessment, it was found that the patient was extroverted and a bit dominating. She had a habit of brooding over past events. She was very emotional and used to cry easily at every little thing. She had aggravation from consolation. She had lived her life independently without anyone’s support.


After a detailed case analysis and taking her chief complaints, physical generals, and mental characteristics into consideration, a China 200 single dose was prescribed.

Follow Up :


The patient turned in for the first follow-up after 40 days. Black spots on the body were reduced. Weaknesses were improved. Appetite was improved. She has undergone a blood transfusion twice since her last consultation. The Hb level was 5.2, and the platelet count was increased to 16000.


On her second follow-up, the patient’s weakness was further improved. She had to undergo a blood transfusion only once.


At her third follow-up, her weakness had significantly improved. Her Hb level was raised to 5.5, and her platelet count was raised to 43000. She had to undergo a blood transfusion only once in month of January.


At her fourth follow-up, all her complaints were significantly reduced. There was no blood transfusion done in the whole month of Feb, and the patient was doing completely well. Hb level rose to 8.4, and platelets jumped to 59000 without any blood transfusion for one whole month. ( That means the Body’s own immunity had taken charge of producing RBC from its own.)

Photographic Evidence :


Before                                    After

Conclusion :

Homeopathy presents a promising alternative for those seeking a holistic approach to Aplastic Anemia  When administered at the correct time and in the correct potency, homeopathic remedies can help alleviate symptoms, address underlying causes, and support the body’s innate healing abilities.