Post COVID Increase in Diabetes

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  • Normally it is said that In a healthy human being our body has an organ called as pancreas which makes insulin which is a hormone that helps to absorb glucose in the blood which can be utilized for energy
  • But if at all due to any crisis our body is unable to make insulin then the term is said to be diabetes Type 1  and if at all somehow our body does not use insulin well then it is termed as Diabetes Type 2
  • In November 2020 global it was estimated that almost 90 percent of patients were been diagnosed with diabetes who have been affected with COVID 19


  • People who are prone to type 2 diabetes have an improper balance between insulin production and insulin resistance due to some physical stressors such as diet, lack of exercise, obesity.
  • It is recently found out that inflammation due to cytokine activation can often cause hyperglycemia.
  • The pancreas which is prone to improper balance is unable to produce insulin production causing a rise in glucose. This is termed stress hyperglycemia which can resolve when acute stress settles down.

How CoVID 19 can cause Diabetes

  • Any prior illness can cause the body immune system to increase the production of all antibodies including pre-existing ones such as those directed at the islet cells of the pancreas that produce insulin
  • This immune system attack leads to a sudden loss of insulin-producing beta cells causing acute hyperglycemia
  • Once the immune system activation subsides as acute illness resolve where glucose regulation is slightly abnormal along with slight insulin deficit and minimal doses of insulin are required.

How CoVID 19 can cause Type 2 Diabetes

  • A person might be genetically sensitive to the mild stressor and the combination of insulin resistance from acute infection and steroids which are used to treat CoVID 19 led to increasing Insulin production which was required to keep glucose normal but the pancreas was not able to increase its output which may later lead to diabetes.

Signs and symptoms in Post Covid 19 patients directing towards Diabetes

  • Increase frequency of urination
  • Increase thirst with blurred vision
  • Inability to regain weight loss which was due to illness
  • Slow wound healing
  • Fatigue

Homeopathic Remedies found useful for Post Covid Diabetes

1 ) uranium Nitricum 

This remedy is very effective in treating diabetes patients .symptoms like excessive urination and nausea are relieved by this remedy .burning micturition is also a symptom which is found to be lessened because of uranium Nitricum.

2)Phosphoric Acid

This is the remedy which is used to treat diabetes .complaints such as burning micturition as night, heaviness of head, excessive thirst are all found to be reduced by this remedy.

3) Conium

Conium acts best in middle age people having diabetes. This remedy is more suggestive in cases of diabetic neuropathy where people often complain that there is numbness feeling in the limbs or there is a tingling sensation in the legs. This remedy is considered to be a nerve tonic by many homeopaths.

4) Syzygium Jambolanum

This remedy is also effective in treating diabetes especially post diabetes after CoVID 19. Usually, symptoms such as excessive thirst, excessive urination, weakness, skin ulcers due to diabetes are all found to be improved by this remedy.

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