Case Study – Diabetic Patient Controlled by Homeopathy(Diabetes Mellitus)

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A 56-year-old Male, Mr. S.S. Namol (Registration number ABK:- 121) visited Homeo Care Clinic on 27th  July 2021 with the complaint of Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus.

He has been suffering from Diabetes Mellitus since 2004 while working in the company. His sugar level never came in control. He was taking multiple allopathic medicines but still sugar level was high. He also had vertigo complaints, pain in neck muscles.

BSL level Fasting – 258mg/dl, Post Parandial – 281mg/dl. Always sugar level used to be above 250mg/dl. The doctor advised starting with insulin injections still it used to be higher. Then with reference to another patient, he visited Homeo Care Clinic.

The patient was a non-vegetarian and was having a normal appetite. He had cravings for spicy food, sour foods, and sweets. He had no particular aversions to any food. His stool, urine, sleep, and thirst were normal.

He was married for the last 27 years and working in a company. The patient was a strong, decision-maker in the family. He used to show anger at home but used to mild outside.

He had a past medical history of renal calculus with no surgery. In his family’s medical history, his father had Diabetes Mellitus. His mother also had Diabetes Mellitus.

Dr. Vaseem Choudhary studied the case in detail and prescribed him Lycopodium 200 along with some research-based medicines every 6 weeks.


After 6 weeks of homeopathic treatment on 06th September 2021, the patient was symptomatically better. He had relief from the pain in the neck muscles and lethargy was better. Vertigo was better. BSL – Fasting – 170mg/dl, BSL – Post Parandial – 238mg/dl. Advised to continue the medicine for 6 weeks. Allopathic doctors advised stopping insulin.

After 6 weeks of further treatment on 22nd October 2021, relief from the symptoms was completely gone. Vertigo has stopped. Feeling more fresh and energetic. Urine & Motion normal. BSL – Fasting – 142mg/dl, BSL – Post Parandial – 238mg/dl. Allopathic medicine for Diabetes was reduced to a single medicine.

The patient is still on the medication and is satisfied with the positive results he obtained.


This case highlights that homeopathic medications not only control the symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus but also reduce the dependency on conventional medicines, which are generally known to be life-long supplements. It stimulates the Pancreas gland to function naturally and avoids the need of depending on any external supplements for the same.