World Alzheimer’s Month

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  • Alzheimer’s disease is said to be a neurological disorder that causes the brain to shrink and brain cells to die out.
  • It is said to be the most common cause of dementia where there are a continuous decline in thinking, behavioral and social skills.


  • In the 7th century, BC Greek philosopher Pythagoras invented a term named senium which determined Human lifespan and which points out at mental and physical decline of a human body.
  • In 1600 Shakespeare too mentioned Hamlet where characters suffered from loss of mental acuity.
  • In 1901 German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer identified the first case In a 50-year-old German woman and her brain condition first got named after him.
  • Later in 1984 Alzheimer disease internationally was founded and in 1994 on their 10th anniversary, they announced the first world Alzheimer Day to be observed on September 21st.
  • And World Alzheimer month was launched in 2012.


  • This year the campaign theme is as follows “KNOW DEMENTIA KNOW ALZHEIMER “
  • The main aim is to focus on warning signs and diagnosis of dementia.


  • Alzheimer disease affects various parts of the brain that controls memory, thought, judgment, language, and communication.

The stages of Alzheimer disease are as follows :

  • Stage 1  :

No impairment

  • Stage 2 :

Very mild decline

  • Stage 3 :

Mild decline

  • Stage 4 :

Moderate decline

  • Stage 5 :

Moderately Severe decline

  • Stage 6 :

Severe decline

  • Stage 7 :

Very severe decline.


  • Loss of functional brain proteins
  • Damage to neurons
  • Genetic
  • Hereditary
  • Beta-amyloid protein deposition.
  • Tau protein dysfunction.
  • Head trauma
  • Excessive alcohol intake


  • Memory loss :

There is difficulty in remembering recent events or conversations, gets lost in familiar places, forgets recent appointments. Keeps repeating a statement over and over again. Have trouble finding the right words to identify objects.

  • Thinking and reasoning :

There is difficulty in concentrating on things. Multi-tasking work becomes difficult. Finds difficulty in managing finances.

  • Making judgments and decisions:

A person is unable to make correct choices even in the daily chores of life.

  • Changes in personality :

Depression, apathy, mood swings, wandering, loss of inhibition.


  • Exercise regularly
  • Low saturated fat diet
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Engage more in physical activity
  • Restrict excessive lifelong learning process.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Homeopathic Management has shown positive results in treating Alzheimer disease. Here are a few of the following remedies that have proved to be useful in clinical practice.

1)Nux Vomica :

This is considered one of the best remedy for treating Alzheimer Disease. There is a disposition to find fault in everything and everything There is extreme sensitivity to words and others. Mentally patient is very quarrelsome and irritable.

2) Lycopodium :

This is also considered as one of the suitable remedies for treating Alzheimer. The depressed feeling is present he is worried for his salvation whether it is performing any kind of task or to pass an exam. He Is always fretful of spirits and irritable. Other well-marked physical generals are constipation and sour eructations.

3)Tarantula :

A person is very aggressive. He gets angry and irritable very easily on the slightest contradiction he will hit the person with whatever he can get hold of. He tries to remember things by continuous repetition but still, he intends to forget whether memorized.

4) Conium :

This is also one of the best remedy for treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease at old age. This remedy treats memory loss as well as mental confusion . physicians always claim that this remedy helps in regaining memory loss.

5) Baryta Carbonicum :

This is also one of the remedy which treats mental confusion, loss of memory, lack of confidence. Aversion to strangers, bashfulness, childishness, grief over trifles is all well-marked features of this remedy .


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