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Mental retardation is termed as neurodevelopment disorder leading to  substantial limitations in the adaptive skills such as communication, social skills, functional academics, etc where the IQ falls below 70 to 75


Mental retardation is classified into 4 stages such as :

  • A Mild IQ score of 50 -55
  • A Moderate IQ score of 30-35
  • A Severe IQ score of 20-25
  • Profound IQ score less than 20


  • Genetic disorders like down syndrome or X syndrome, trisomy 18
  • Excessive alcohol intake or drug induce especially at the 1st trimester when the foetal brain develops
  • Preeclampsia also leads to mental retardation
  • Premature delivery due to low oxygen capacity
  • Head injuries to the fetal brain at the time of delivery
  • Iodine deficiency, malnutrition
  • Infections like rubella


  • In infancy delayed milestones such as walking, talking, potty training
  • At school age difficulty in problem-solving, interaction with other kids, difficulty in remembering things
  • At adolescent age difficulty in logical thinking, mood disorders, marked anxiety, hearing and vision problems, the deficit in daily routine activities


Usually at the time of pregnancy amniocentesis is done to see the problems related to intellectual disabilities


  • Baryta Carb :

This remedy is mostly prescribed to dwarf babies who are physically and mentally weak, mother often complains that there are delayed milestones child learns late to walk, late for talking, etc. child is very violent throws pebbles on everyone, shyness, timidity, nervous are also characteristics of this remedy

  • Calcarea carb :

The child is fat, chubby with a large abdomen and red face, there is mental retardation with lack of confidence, the child always shows tantrums when asked anything, the mother often complains of weak memory at school, slow beginners

  • Medorrhinum :

Usually, there is slowness sluggishness and mental retardation which is a characteristic feature there are delusions hallucinations present, the child is irritable, impatient does not want to be looked at or carried away weak memory with difficulty in concentration in studies

  • Chamomilla :

This remedy is well suited for toddlers where there is delayed milestones child is late as compared to others, a child not able to gain even the daily activities like changing clothes, brushing teeth, forgetfulness is a well-marked feature, IQ is very low  in school going children that are always a failure at school not able to perform the daily task given needs help every time to fulfill the work


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