Varicocele Treated In 1 Month

Mr. N.V aged 27 years (Patient Reference Number ABW-79) visited Homeo Care Clinic on 18th June 2022 for the treatment of Varicocele. He was taking allopathic medicine from some other doctor but didn’t have any relief.

He was suffering from dull aching pain in the scrotum for two months. He had severe pain while exertion & walking. He was also having heaviness in the scrotum while passing urine. He did not have any history of injury.

He had a good appetite. There was marked craving for sweets. Cannot tolerate hunger.

He used to mix up easily but was more of a listener. Timid in nature, used to be a scholar in studies, still had stage fear. He was creative and would like to learn new-new things. He was short-tempered and would get irritated easily.

His father was suffering from Hypertensive. His mother had piles.

Dr. Vaseem Choudhary studied his case in detail and prescribed a constitutional remedy.

After 4 weeks of medications on 19th July 2022, he called the doctor and was very happy with his sonography reports. He shared both sonography reports before and after. Pain reduced significantly. Heaviness completely stopped. He was advised to continue the remaining medication.


Sonography Report before Treatment –

Sonography Report After Treatment

Homeo Care Clinic-

Dr. Vaseem Choudhary along with his team has treated many patients successfully with Varicocele so if you are seeking for your cure, please visit our center for further assistance.

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