Save Your Hair And Skin From Pollution Damage With These Tips

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Hair and Skin Damage:-

Hair and skin are affected by various factors such as ultraviolet rays from the sun, pollution in cities, contaminated water, etc.
• Pollution arises from fumes of large-scale industries, cigarette smoking, car emissions. , Dust, toxic gas, etc.
• Pollution causes inflammation on the scalp damaging it making your hair brittle and dry .it also affects the skin in form of blemishes, dark spots, dry damaged skin.
• Serious exposure to nickel, lead, arsenic can develop sensitive scalp syndrome.

Layers of Damage on Hair:-

• Deposits of matter settles in the hair shaft
• Hair protein degradation damages hair cuticles.
• Hair starts breaking from the shaft.
• Hairfall in extreme.

Layers of Damage on Skin:-

• Intense exposure to pollution causes the damage to stratum corneum.
• Affects sebum production.
• Makes skin look dry and brittle.
• Blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines develop.

Tips for Protection:-

• Use the anti-pollution spray before going out
• Apply aloe vera gel, broad-spectrum sunscreen before going out.
• Wear a hair cap before going out.
• Apply hair protecting serum before going out.
• Immediately wash your hair after coming home
• Avoid using too many hard shampoos for hair
• Avoid using too many cosmetics for the skin.
• Apply moisturizer daily on the skin.
• Rinse hair with cold or normal water.

Homeopathy System

• Homeopathic physician treats the damaged hair and skin with the help of Homeopathic remedies which are safe and without any side effects.
• Based on detailed case taking and determining the cause for the problem and treating the cause from the root gives effective and permanent results.
• At Homeo Care Clinic Dr. Vaseem Choudhary along with his team provides treatment with homeopathic remedies and will also guide you with the skin and hair care routine which could be useful for daily protection.