Case Study – Lichen Planus (Skin Infection) Get Reduced by Homeopathy Treatment

A 37-Year-Old Male Relief in Lichen Planus Improved By 50%- 60% In Just 1 ½ Month With Homeopathy

A 37-year-old-male (Registration Number: AAG-118) came to Homeo Care Clinic for his complaints of Lichen Planus on 4th November 2018. He was suffering from a skin condition for 4 years. He presented with symptoms of small red purplish flat active lesions starting from both arms, legs, Back of knee, Lips & Genitals with severe itching, particularly at night. He had taken much English medicine with external steroid application for more than 3 years. He had an associated complaint of Dry Flaky skin and a dark complexion.

He had Past History of High uric acid with a family history where his father had a stroke, mother’s angioplasty. The elder brother also has a similar complaint of Lichen planus.

He was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite and thirst. He was fond of Fish and boiled vegetables. He was thermally hot. The patient had a cat nap sleep getting easily awake from the slightest noise.

Mentally, he was very calm and quiet, a good listener, and not much aggressive. He was very fond of music. Workaholic and introvert. He was of a belief – Live & let live others. Want things at the proper place.

Based on his detailed case history, Dr. Vaseem Choudhary prescribed homeopathic medicines to the patient.


When the first online follow-up of the patient was taken on 4th January 2021, there was a reduction in the symptoms. Active lesions were reduced; Spots started getting blackish, dry over arms, legs, back of the knee, lips, etc. Lesions reduced by 50%-60%. Advised to continue the medicine.