Case Study – Eczema Treated with Homeopathic Medicine

3 years old male, Mast. R.S.S (Patient Reference Number – AAU-149) visited our clinic on 16th December 2020, for the complaints of Eczematous lesion on the Neck. The patient first developed these spots (lesions) 2 years ago. At present, the patient complained of itching & scratching. Itching till it leads to bleeding. The itching was aggravated by warmth and hot weather. Along with these had complaints of cold, cough because of the change of weather.

His appetite was average, like sweet, dislike milk, her thirst was average. There were no complaints with sleep, bowels. He was comfortable in hot weather. Excess sweat on the forehead and back.

Based on a thorough evaluation of his complaints, Dr. Vaseem Choudhary prescribed the remedy Calcarea Sulph 200.

The first follow-up after 6 weeks on 13th February 2020, the patient’s eczema improved by 80%. We continued with SL for 6 weeks.

Then in the second follow-up after 6 weeks patient eczema went 100%. and also no cold and cough.

He was advised to discontinue the medicine.