MRS. M.B. (Patient Identification Number – AAS-96) 49-year-old female came with complaints of recurrent Allergic Rhinitis for 1 year.
She has complaints of sneezing, watery nose, nose block, and headache. Attack would begin as soon as she woke up in the morning as spasmodic sneezing and lasted for 10 minutes followed by a watery running nose. She were use to take Anti- Allergic medicine but will only give temporary relief.
She had acidity, burning in chest, nausea, vomiting, headache when she comes in contact with the sun. There are no health issues in her family.
Her appetite was average, like salt, dislike milk, her thirst was average. There were no complaints with sleep, bowels. She was intolerant of hot Flashes and heartburn.
She had completed her B.A. Bed but because of family issues did not join the school. She is very much arrogant, gets angry easily, not very adjustable. She wants people to respect her and she is a very egoistic person.
Based on a thorough evaluation of her complaints and life history, Dr. Vaseem Choudhary prescribed the remedy Natrum Muriaticum 200.
In the first follow up after 1 month on 24th November, the patient’s allergy increased, but she was feeling better overall. Her anger has reduced. We continued with SL for 1 month.
Then in the second follow up after 1 month on 2nd January, Sneezing reduced, watery nose reduced. Acidity present but better than before.
On third follow up after 1.5 months 10th February Sneezing reduced to once in 8 days, no watery nose, no headache, and acidity also reduced.
On fourth follow up after 1.5 months on 20th March, her sneezing stopped to 80%, now she does not need any allopathic medicine and acidity also completely stopped. We advised to her discontinue the medicine.