5 Best Ways To Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Best Homeopathic Skin Treatment to Reduce Premature Skin Aging in Pune

 1. Prevent skin from sun damage

Many dermatologists claim that across the globe 30 percent of the population face premature skin ageing more because of exposure to the sun in daily errands. So the easy way to avoid the sun is to apply sunscreen 30spf  that is broad-spectrum along with sunglasses and clothing with an ultraviolet sun protection label.

2. Use Self-tanner Equipment

Always have a safe tanning bed or other tanning equipment rather than tanning yourself more frequently.

3. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Many physicians and experts have noticed that chronic smokers are more prone to sallow complexion with more wrinkles and dull skin. So in order to maintain good skin texture, it is a must avoid smoking. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and damages the skin within time. Quilting alcohol gives a glow to the skin naturally.

4. Having a Healthy Balanced Diet

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables helps in reducing skin damage and giving healthier look on the skin.

5. Skin Care Regimen

It is a must use skincare regime daily such as using moisturizer on the skin daily .remove makeup before going to sleep .apply toner, avoid harsh cosmetics. Stop using skincare products that burn your skin.

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