Case Study Of Renal Calculi

Renal Calculi Treatment in Pune

Renal Calculi

A Patient with Renal Calculi of 3 months cured in 5 months at Homeo Care Clinic with Homeopathy

A patient Mr. K. L. Registration No. ABY-101 visited Homeo Care Clinic on 7th August 2022 with the complaint of severe pain in the left side of the abdomen in the loin region persisting for 1-2 hours and aggravating in the morning.

He was suffering from unbearable pain in the left side of his abdomen and back radiating to the front. He had taken conventional medicine for 1 week for several episodes of pain. There was no relief. He had done CT scan on 22 June 2022 showing left upper ureteric calculus of 5X4mm located 2cm from PUJ and the other was 4mm non-obstructive calculus. He was a software engineer by profession and used to follow a sedentary lifestyle. He used to follow a non-vegetarian diet and had cravings for nonveg and spicy food. Their water intake was reduced and he could not bear many cold temperatures. He was having work-related stress

After a detailed case, Analysis Dr. Vaseem Choudhary prescribed  Cal Mur 200CH medicine for renal calculi. The patient was advised of certain dietary and lifestyle changes along with Homeopathic medicine.


After taking the medicine his pain was reduced Dr. Vaseem Choudhary advised him to continue the medicine.

After 5 Month Of Treatment- 29 October 2022. There was no acute episode of pain in the abdomen after starting with treatment and the sir had advised continuing with medicine. USG (29 October 2022):- left kidney shows renal calculi of 4mmX4 mm. The patient didn’t have any complaints. After 6 Months Of Treatment- 17 December 2022

USG (3rd November 2022):- No Abnormality seen. Previous renal calculi not seen. The patient didn’t have any complaints. The patient was happy and satisfied with the treatment he received at Homeo Care Clinic and then sir had advised stopping with treatment.


This case illustrates how homeopathy offers excellent results in the case of renal calculi not only giving relief to the symptomatic discomfort but treating renal calculi successfully and safely without any side effects.