How Does Homeopathy Helps In Treating Influenz-Dr.Vaseem Choudhary

Influenza treatment


• Mostly people suffer from influenza in monsoon weather.
• It is said to be a viral infection that mainly affects your upper respiratory tract.
• Generally term denoted for Influenza is flu.
• Young adults and children are more prone to this disease.


Influenza virus which acts as a contagious disease.
• Transfers air droplets from person to person when you cough sneeze or touch contaminated objects.
• Weak immune system.


• Dry cough
• Sore throat
• Lacrimation
• Fever
• Malaise
• Weakness
• Shortness of breath
• Aching sore limbs
• Eye pain


• Bronchitis
• Pneumonia
• Acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Prevention tips

• Wash your hands continuously before touching any object
• Avoid crowded places
• Cover your hands while coughing sneezing

Homeopathy Prevention For Influenza

• In homeopathy remedies such as Oscillococcinum, Gelsemium, and Bacillinum are considered preventive medicines for flu.
• Many people opt for these remedies mostly around winters in order to be safe from flu-like symptoms.
• These medicines not only help in curing symptoms but also acts as preventive measures and delay harmful effects of the disease.
• People having weak immunity who often tend to suffer easily have also benefitted themselves from these medicines.
• Correct dosage and choosing the perfect remedy according to the totality of symptoms give positive results without causing any side effects.

Homeopathic remedies for treating influenza

1. Arsenic Album

This is said to be one of the best remedies for influenza. The patient is always anxious and restless due to his complaints. He feels chilly .there is continuously sneezing with watery coryza. A person desires sips of water and feels weak and exhausted.

2. Eupatorium

This is also considered one of the best remedies for influenza. The patient often complains of bone pains and severe malaise. There is shortness of breath with a running nose and barking cough. The patient feels cold.

3. Rhustox

This remedy is often indicated when a person complains of severe body ache with cough
and hoarseness of voice. The patient is always restless. Headache makes complaints worse.

4. Phosphorus

This remedy cures symptoms of flu when there is a high fever with chills person complains
of severe weakness with strong thirst. continuous desires for cold sips of water. Sore
throat, cough, and hoarseness of voice present.

5. Sulphur

Fever associated with hot feeling often calls for this remedy .person often feels worse
after bathing heat aggravates complaints of a more running nose with severe burning
headache present.

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