Homeopathic Treatment For Impotency, Erectile Dysfunction & Sexual Weakness

Nowadays one of the most important problems for married couples is Infertility. Infertility can happen for various reasons, out of which Erectile Dysfunction is one of them. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is also known as Impotency and Sexual weakness.

It is a condition when a man is unable to attain or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual ability. Erectile Dysfunction can be treated with homeopathic medicine without any side effects. Let us see what the exact reasons are for Impotency so that it can be easily identified and treated.

Causes Of Impotency

  1. Improper blood flow to the blood vessels of the penis could lead to an erection problem.
  2. The defect in the nervous system controlling the erections of the Penis.
  3. Mental stress, Depression, Psychosomatic disorder can impact Impotency; Medicine used for depression has been known to impact sexual weakness.
  4. Hormonal Imbalance i.e. Low testosterone level leads to low sexual drive and hence impotency
  5. Chronic Diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, and Heart Disease can lead to sexual weakness.
  6. A prostate related disorder like Prostate Enlargement.
  7. Lifestyle: alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

Homeopathic Treatment For Impotency Or Erectile Dysfunction

1) Agnus Cactus

Well, there are many medicines for Impotency and Erectile Dysfunction but out of this Agnus, Cactus is one of the best medicines. It is useful when there is a complete inability for erection during sexual activity. There is the coldness of the genitals. Agnus Cactus is also useful when there is a mental aversion to indulge in sex and also no physical strength.

2) Lycopodium

When an erection is troublesome at a younger age, the old withered look looks more than his age. It is also useful for people who are married late or Divorced. Lycopodium is the remedy when the desire to indulge in a sexual act is present but the erection is not adequate. At times, it is accompanied by premature ejaculation.

3) Damiana Q

Damiana in mother tincture form is useful for all types of sexual weakness .i.e. due to excess masturbation, physical weakness, no sexual desire, and many more reasons. Damiana is the remedy when there is premature ejaculation.

4) Caladium

Caladium is of great help for the treatment of erectile dysfunction when the male is unable to have an erection despite having a sexual desire or urge. Caladium is also useful when sexual desire is less due to mental depression. Is also useful for people having a strong craving for tobacco. After the de-addiction of tobacco, sexual strength can be regained.

5) Selenium

Selenium is the best medicine when sexual weakness when the erection is too weak or too slow. Erection remains for a short duration. There is a lack of physical strength to indulge in sexual acts. Selenium is also useful for involuntary emission of seminal discharge during sleep. Seminal discharge during urination and while passing stool.

Erectile Dysfunction affects the self-esteem, confidence, and marital life of a man as he is unable to have sex. Homeopathic medicine is useful to treat impotency permanently..

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