Our Patient, 8-year-old male Mast N.S. (Patient Registration Number – AAC-08) visited Homeo Care Clinic on 24th June 2018, for the complaints of Warts since 1year and 6 months; it was present inside his – right ear, left ear, in the nose and near eyes, and in all more than 10 places on his body. It was gradually increasing in size.

The patient visited many doctors for over a year and a half and was advised various available modes of treatment, The patient has shown to many doctors in Lucknow and in Pune also, but there was no improvement. He had excess perspiration on the back of the head. The physical generals exhibit a strong desire for sweets, butter, and aloo paratha (potato bread), thirst was normal. Motion hard and at a gap of 2 days. He was intolerable to Cold temperature.

On the Psychological behavior aspect, the patient was found to be a very shy, timid, and cautious person.

His father also had a similar history of warts in 2008, his case was studied in detail by Dr. Vaseem Choudhary and he was prescribed Nitric Acid 200 as a constitutional remedy.

In the first follow up after six weeks on 5th August 2018, there was no increase in size and no new warts. Continue with the same medicine.

In the Second follow up after six weeks on 30th September 2018, warts size reduced by 30% on the face, inside the ear, and in the nose.

In the third follow up after six weeks on 25th November 2018, warts completely gone from the nose and left ear, and almost finished from the right ear.

He was under observation for some time after which his treatment was discontinued. He was doing fine with no complaints after 6 months and thereafter no warts recurred to date.

Note:- Please take Professional Guidance. Do not do self-medication. Homeopathy is individualistic. Homeo Care Clinic is not responsible for any of the patients’ self-medication.

Note:- Patient’s mom is describing facial warts as a mole.