Case Study: Effective Management of Corn with Lycopodium 200 in Mr. V.T.



Mr. V.T. (Registration number ABA – 119), a 33-year-old male, visited on 02/10/2020 presenting with a two-year history of a painful Corn on his left leg, extending to the little finger.

Family History:

His mother had a history of Hypertension, providing a backdrop of familial health context.

Personal History:

Mr. V.T.’s personal habits included a mixed diet, lack of thirst, a preference for spicy foods, and being thermally hot, particularly enjoying warm and spicy meals.

Mental Characteristics:

Mentally, he exhibited an emotional nature, a strong desire to help others, ease in getting mixed up with people, quick decision-making abilities.


The patient was prescribed Lycopodium 200, a homeopathic remedy chosen based on his unique physical and mental symptoms.

Follow-Up – 03/11/2020:

Significant progress was noted with improvements in the Corn, reduced pain, and the normalization of appetite, thirst, urine, and bowel movements.

Follow-Up – 13/12/2020:

Remarkably, the patient reported the absence of pain and complete resolution of the Corn. All physiological parameters, including appetite, thirst, urine, and bowel movements, returned to normal.


This case exemplifies the efficacy of Lycopodium 200 in the successful management of Mr. V.T.’s two-year painful Corn. Homeopathic intervention tailored to the individual’s unique characteristics led to a comprehensive improvement in Mr. V.T.’s health, resulting in a satisfied and pain-free patient.