• A gout is a form of arthritis which is a painful condition when an excessive amount of uric acid is built up and forms a crystal.
  • Uric acid is mainly important component for people suffering from gout
  • So it is necessary to follow a strict diet that avoids the consumption of purines you eat which increases the uric acid levels in the body.
diet chart for gout in doctor in Pune

Diet to be followed:

  1. Low fat Cow milk or skim milk can be taken for breakfast along with boiled eggs
  2. Cheese, yogurt can also be taken in optimum quantity.
  3. Coffee could be also good for drinking on daily basis.
  4. Green tea can opt for daily routine.
  5. Fruits such as oranges, sweet lime, bananas can be eaten.
  6. White bread, pasta, and noodles can be
  7. Salmon, white fish are low in purines and so can be eaten.
  8. Cabbage can be eaten.
  9. Rice, potato, oats can be eaten
  10. Strawberry can be eaten
  11. Salads made up of tomatoes, cucumber, carrots can be eaten.
  12. Vegetables such as spinach can be eaten.
  13. People who are prone to chocolate can opt for dark chocolate
  14. Nut butter such as almonds butter and peanut butter can be eaten.
  15. Olive oil is said to be safe.

Diet to be Avoided

  1. Avoid nonvegetarian food such as red meat, lamb, pork.
  2. Seafood should be avoided such as sardines, shellfish.
  3. Vegetables such as spinach, beans, cauliflower, and peas to be avoided.
  4. High fructose corn syrup to be avoided
  5. Beverages such as alcohol, whisky to be avoided.
  6. Chicken to be avoided.
  7. Avoid deep-fried foods.
  8. Avoid butter
  9. Avoid mushroom
  10. Soda juices should be avoided as it contains high fructose.
  11. Sausages should be avoided
  12. Muffins, pizza to be avoided.
  13. Burgers, hot dogs to be avoided.
  14. French fries , mayonnaise, and ketchup to avoided

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