Calcaneal Spur

Calcaneal Spur


A calcaneal Spur is defined as a bony outgrowth that occurs at the back of the heel. This was first introduced in the year 1900. A German physician named Plettner was the first to introduce the Calcaneal Spur.

Types Of Calcaneal Spur

  1. Dorsal Spur- Bony outgrowth present at the back of the heel. Associated with Achilles Tendinopathy.
  2. Plantar Spur- Bony outgrowth formed under the sole. Associated with Plantar Fascitis.


  • Abnormal Pronation of the foot
  • Repeating trauma at the foot
  • Tuberculosis
  • Systemic inflammatory diseases
  • Hereditary
  • Metabolic disturbances
  • Long-term stress on foot muscles
  • Obesity
  • Osteoarthritis

Symptoms Of Calcaneal Spur

  • Severe heel pain
  • Pain during weight-bearing activities
  • Restricted foot movement
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Swelling in leg
  • Pain in calf muscles


  • Physical examination
  • X-ray
  • MRI scan

Homeopathy Management

  1. Calcarea Flour- One of the finest medicine for treating Calcaneal Spur. Patients often complain of severe pain in the heel at the time of walking. Long-standing and physical stress can also cause severe stitching type of pain in the foot. Physicians often say that this medicine helps in resolving Calcaneal Spur.
  2. Rhus Toxicodendron- This medicine helps in reducing pain in the foot. Helps in repairing ligaments and muscles of the heel. Patients often complain of the presence of nails in the heel. Splinter-like pains present are present which may make the patient uncomfortable to perform daily activities.
  3. Ammonium Muraticum- One of the finest medicine for treating Calcaneal Spur. Patients often complain of stitching and tearing type of pain in the heel. Pain often occurs in the morning. Elderly people also say that pain occurs more if walk a few miles and reduces when rubbing the heels with their hands.
  4. Mezereum- Mostly indicated in elderly patients for severe heel pain. Heel pain aggravates more due to cold air. Shooting type of pain is present in the heel and all over the foot. The slightest touch on the foot may also increase
    the heel pain.
  5. Ruta Graveolens- Ruta is the best medicine for treating heel pain. Pain aggravates more on physical exertion. Pain radiates in the calf muscles and in the upper part of the leg. Stitching type of pain present in the heel. Rest and warmth give relief to the pain.

Homeo Care Clinic

Dr. Vaseem Choudhary along with his team of trained expert doctors has treated many patients successfully of Calcaneal Spur with Homeopathic Medicines at Homeo Care Clinic. Doctors will also guide you with physical exercise and preventive measures to reduce
pain. A Diet plan will also be given to you for quick recovery.