World Mental Health Day

World Mental health Day | Dr. Vaseem Choudhary


10th October is considered a World Mental Health Day. This day brings an opportunity for all the supporters and stakeholders to come together and create awareness among youth
regarding mental health issues. Every year organizations come up with new themes and slogans in order to reduce the risk of getting mentally unfit. This day was first been introduced in the year 1992 at the initiative of the World Federal for Mental Health in collaboration with 150 countries across the world. According to a WHO report, one in seven people
suffers from anxiety, depression, and mood disorder which ends up being fatal. So in order to decrease the mortality ratio this day is given importance to bring light to healthy well-being.

Important facts

  • Dr. Benjamin Bush, the father of American Psychiatry was the first to introduce that mental health is the disease of the mind and not the possession of a demon.
  • His first book called Disease of Mind was published in the year 1812 and was considered the first Psychiatry Textbook in the US.
  • He classified mental Health under 4 Sections.

Classification Of Mental Health

Prevention Tips For Mental Health

  • Self Care
  • Clean Environment
  • In-person therapy
  • Yoga or exercise
  • Stress-free activities
  • Social involvement

Pointers For Good Mental Health

  • Regular Sleep Pattern
  • Maintain daily routine
  • Removing Me Time
  • Engaging in social activities
  • Planning outings with family
  • Overcoming with fears
  • Dealing with anger issues

Events In The Year 2022 By Various Organisations

  • Conducting Stress-Free Seminars
  • Banners of getting Physical Lobo
  • Hosting Mental Health issues sessions
  • Schedule on focusing on yoga and meditation
  • Wellness gift exchange.

Mental Activities Which Can Be Performed

  • Problem Solving games
  • Skills performance incentive
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Planning one day a week for intellectual activities.
  • Mindfulness exercises.

Homeopathic Management For Mental Health

  • Kali Phosphoricum- This is one of the best remedies for mental illness. Mostly indicated at a young age who are vulnerable to stress. They have anxiety related to their ambition. Anxiety may sometimes also cause physical I’ll health.
  • Stramonium- This remedy often calls for mental illness pertaining to anxiety that occurs due to night terrors, nightmares, and dark thoughts. Their imagination often tends to anxiety.
  • Silicea- This is one of the best remedies which calls for anxiety related to new things or performing in a crowd. Fear of people is well a marked feature of this remedy.
  • Calcarea Carbonicum- This is also one of the best remedies suited to people who develop anxiety if their daily routine is hampered. Irritability is well roed they feel difficult to cope with a new flow of plans .mostly indicated in people who get frustrated in day-to-day life.
  • Gelsemium- This is also one of the best remedies who face anxiety due to inadequacy. These patients often avoid going in crowds or in people. They desire solitude and avoid pressure from peers.

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