Top 5 Reasons To Choose Homeopathy

Homeopathy treatment
  • Based on individualization

Homeopathic treatment differs from patient to patient having a similar disease. Physicians prescribe remedies based on an individual approaches taking into consideration the totality of symptoms rather than focusing on the diseased part .The remedy is prescribed on basis of metals, thermals, physical generals, past and family history, and modalities to get exact similimum.


  • Targets the body’s inbuilt immune system

Homeopathy works by stimulating body own natural healing process to promote health by resisting infection and susceptibility of disease.


  • Can be used along with conventional treatments.

Homeopathy has an ability to even treat the side-effects caused by other conventional treatments due to chemotherapy or other mode of system .it helps to alleviate symptoms occurring due to either allergic reactions caused due to overdose or symptoms noticed due to other treatments.


  • No side effects

Homeopathy Is the safest mode of treatment which have no side effects .it can be easily consumed by children and all age groups since Homeopathic pills are easily palatable and unlike other treatments do not cause harm to the patient.


  • Homeopathy is said to be noninvasive.

Homeopathic treatment does not involve any surgical procedures or invasive techniques. Hence they have negligible complications and do not cause pain post-treatment.


  • Homeopathy used as preventive medicine

Homeopathy has always gained popularity ever since it’s invention as it showed incredible results in epidemics right from malaria in the 19th century till COVID 19th. Recently data showed that across the globe many people relied on Homeopathy during COVID situations to avoid complications or occurrence of diseases.


  • Homeopathic medicines are nonaddictive

Unlike other conventional treatments best part of Homeopathy is once the disease has healed a person can easily stop the medicine without any dependency or use alternative medicine since they have no addictive properties as the active ingredient is used in minute quantities.


  • Homeopathy is easily accessible

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural resources. There are also many alternatives depending on the kind of plants and minerals found in a particular region. Unlike other medicines Homeopathic pills are free from expiry date hence people can preserve it for a longer duration if taken once.


  • Homeopathy used in both acute and chronic cases.

Homeopathy has its effects in dealing with both acute and chronic cases. It can deal with mild pains occurring in everyday life and also it can give positive results in long standing diseases which are present since ages .


  • No age group discrimination

Homeopathy Is safest in infants, pregnant, elderly, newborn, breast feeding mother .it can be used freely as it does not harm the person or show any complications.


Homeo Care Clinic

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