Homeopathy Vs Allopathy for Skin Treatment

Best Homeopathic Treatment to Cure Skin Disorder in Pune
  • Allopathy attempts to alleviate the symptoms of the disease by attacking the natural defense of the body whereas homeopathy embraces the body’s natural response by either encouraging the symptoms of healing or attacking the root cause of the disease
  • The cause of skin allergy is the hyperactive immune response of our body in homeopathy instead of treating symptoms of allergy we try to treat the very basic cause of the problem and set right the immune system once the immunity is in order and stops overreacting to ordinary stimuli the allergy is cured and so are the symptoms of any skin disease
  • Homeopathic medicines are responsible for the stimulation of your body self-healing mechanism which adds to its efficacy against diseases like eczema
  • Allopathy acts in acute symptomatic relief which could be short term  whereas Homeopathy acts in all types of chronic skin illnesses which might result in permanent cure as treating from the original root cause
  • Homeopathy always highlights the harmful effects of suppressed skin problems such as asthma, migraine, abdominal problems but Allopathy only targets acute phases of skin conditions such as raised papular eruption, itching , redness symptomatically
  • Homeopathy helps in avoiding recurrence of allergy again without leading to invasion to deeper organs whereas Allopathy cures disease by suppressing other parts or systems of the body
  • Especially in skin conditions Allopathy can provide supplements but cannot give permanent relief but homeopathy gives permanent relief without any side effects