Homeopaths Detail Questionaire

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  • Good case taking constitutes 50 %of the treatment
  • The sheer Information known in case taking is a healing catharsis in itself
  • It is a proven theory that a questionnaire which is dealt with by every homeopath is important for Case taking to deal with symptoms of the patient on which homeopath can prescribe which enables to select a remedy with good potency and also to assess if there is a need for some other alternative treatment
  • A well-known homeopath Dr. HC Allen claimed that the case took insured accuracy and efficiency in the selection of similimum
  • Homeopaths are very crucial in differentiating you from any other person for a permanent cure
  • Questioning in detail helps to understand patient constitution including all aspects like mental, thermals, modalities, etc
  • Standard of Homeopathy is based on the fact that there are a variety of remedies for every different person having the same illness which gives peak individualization
  • Detail history of the patient makes the physician go further into correct diagnosis to define the problem accurately
  • Every individual is different in terms of mental and physical aspects and hence every case has to be seen individually giving importance to its unique expressions during health and disease so the totality of symptoms by asking detailed information in every aspect brings permanent cure within
  • Medically it is proven that detailed history in a particular disease gives a clear picture pertaining to the mode of development of symptoms and analyzing it for better prognosis
  • Some physicians also claim that a detailed questionnaire also helps them to perceive the true dynamic state whether the patient is truly sick or no

Some physicians also claim that detailed history also helps in concluding that whether the disease is acute or chronic and whether curable or not.