Diet For Female Infertility

Diet For Female Infertility


Couples who are unable to conceive a child even after indulgence in sex without having any medical issues for more than one year are considered infertile.

Causes Of Female Infertility

  • Declining of age
  • Smoking
  • Over weight
  • Sexual disturbances
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Malnourished underweight

Types Of Infertility:

  • Primary infertility: Couples who are unable to conceive 1 year after indulgence in sex without using birth control methods.
  • Secondary infertility: Couples who are able to get pregnant once but at present they are facing problems during second pregnancy.

Foods To Include In Diet:

  • Consume beans and lentils
  • Eat lots of fruits such as oranges , lemons, pears, guava, bananas, apples ,pears.
  • Include green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, methi, chawle, matar.
  • Eat pulses and cereals.
  • OPT for paneer, rajma.
  • Can opt for Fenugreek leaves in food preparation.
  • Eat salads which include Tomato, beet, cucumber, lettuce .
  • Can opt for poha, upma , upid in breakfast .
  • Drink butter milk and coconut water
  • OPT for orange and lemon juice
  • Eat walnuts , hazel nuts , cashew nuts
  • Eat peanuts
  • Include garlic, turmeric , black pepper,
  • OPT for brown bread.
  • Consume wheat chapattis .

Foods To Avoid Female Infertility

  • Avoid soda and high sugar products.
  • Avoid eating items which contains potatoes
  • Avoid bakery items
  • Avoid eating white bread .
  • Avoid eating pasta , noodles
  • Avoid eating spicy food
  • Avoid eating maida products like maida paratha, maida batura .
  • Avoid oily food
  • Avoid eating soy products
  • Avoid soya bean pulav
  • Avoid eating sweetners
  • Restrict on pickles , spicy chutneys
  • Limit Alcohol and smoking
  • Avoid eating bread sandwiches
  • Avoid eating red meat , pork


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