10 Simple Way To Protect Your Hair-fall In Rainy Season

Why Hair fall is more in Rainy Season

Hair fall in the rainy season is mostly because of the acidic nature of rainwater and high humidity in the environment. Both male and females have hair fall in the rainy season.

Loosing 100 hairs per day is normal, but if you’re losing more than 100 can lead to Alopecia.

There should be an equal number of Hair Fall and also Hair Re-growth which help to keep Hair volume normal.


1)      Washing hair regularly and keeping the scalp clean, basically, people wash hair twice a week but in monsoon, it should be whenever your hair is sticky, oily – This could be one of the important reason for Hair fall & Should be using Mild Shampoo to get rid of Dandruff, Anti-Dandruff shampoo should be once a week.

2)      It’s important to apply oil not only on Scalp but also along with the long hair as Hairs become brittle, dry and freeze. (Note- Don’t put oil on Hair which is already oily and have dirty scalp)

3)      Using Conditioner is important to Hair, As Hair gets dry very easily and conditioner should be applied only on the hair and not on the scalp.

4)      Hair Wash immediately after getting wet in rain rather than Drying Hair by using Towel or Hair Dryer

5)      Never Comb Wet Hair, They are more vulnerable to Breakage and Hair fall i.e. Comb after 60mins to 90mins of wash.

6)      Should never tie hair or even use Clutch in wet hair. When wet you should not pull hair.

7)      If Possible Cut Hair Short as managing would be easier.

8)      Don’t use any Hair Products i.e Hair Spray, Hair Gel or Any Experiment on Hair i.e. Hair Smoothening, Hair Rebounding or Hair Color.

9)      Applying Alovera Pulp or Gel helps to keep Hair fresh and also kept scalp smooth, Dandruff free.

10)    Drinking a good amount of water and increase protein intake works well for hair and skin.



    Hair fall for anaemic girls and women, Hair fall mostly from the frontal area (bregma) and who craves for salt and are affected by direct sunlight, Natrum Mur is also indicated for Migraine, PCOD, Eczema, Lichen planus, Vitiligo, Asthma.

  • THUJA –

    Thuja is one of the best remedies for hair fall when hair dry, scalp white, scaly dandruff. Scalp painful and sensitive to touch.


    Phosphorus is indicated when hair fall is due to change to weather, change of climate. Hair falls in bunches from the spot. Early greying of hair.  Hair falls mostly from the forehead, vertex and crown area. It can also be given in case there is hair loss in patches.  Dandruff with intense itching of the scalp. Phosphorus is given to people who are very sensitive mentally and have a weak memory.


    Best medicine is given for hair fall which is due to hair getting wet in rain, damp weather. Hair fall and balding at a very young age, Greying of a single spot of hair.


    A very good remedy for cases of alopecia areata. A patient has a loss of hair, especially after fevers. Brittle hair. If Hair fall from the spot after fever then think of Fluoric Acid

Along with this, there are different medicines to treat Hair fall like Sulphur, Sepia, Phosphoric-Acid, Lachesis, Graphites and many more.

It is best to see a homeopathic physician to treat your hair loss problem. Hair loss is not a superficial problem, It is often a result of underlying aspect – emotional or psychological. The doctor will examine your condition, get to the root cause, do proper case analysis and prescribe you the medicines.