World Health Day – 07 April 2021


World Health Day” is said to be global awareness health day under the advisory group of world health organizations where they take the initiative to raise awareness about the overall health and well-being of people across the globe. Dr. Vaseem Choudhary took participate to spread the awareness for a healthy lifestyle by giving Homeopathic Treatment in Pune for all kinds of diseases like skin and hair, chronic respiratory disease, etc.


In the year 1948, the first world health assembly called for the creation of world health day to highlight a priority area of concern with the aim of promoting awareness with respect to physical and mental health and offer the necessary support, since 1950  7th of April each year calls for this celebration where they keep a theme in every aspect of health concern


From its foundation in the year 1948 over the past 50 years this has brought in-stream various health issues right from maternal care up to COVID 19 in order to educate people to eradicate illness from the society.


Various programs are been launched in the form of a theme representing each year individually, Some of the themes were as follows:

  1. Global polio eradication in the year 1995
  2. Health cities for better life 1996
  3. Emerging infectious diseases in the year 1997
  4. Safe motherhood in the year 1998
  5. Active aging makes a difference in year 1999
  6. Safe blood starts with me in the year 2000
  7. Move for health 2002
  8. Shape the future of life in the year 2003
  9. The year 2020 as the year of nurse and midwives

Theme Of 2021:

The theme for this year is as follows:

  “Building A Fairer Healthier  World”


The inspiration for this theme is perhaps continuing COVID 19 pandemic

It’s been seen that not every person has all the liabilities to health access due to the conditions in which they are born, grow, live, age and work. According to a recent survey, it’s been proved that still around the globe 30 percent of people struggle to make ends meet with little daily income and for this reason, to monitor health inequities this theme is been ensured

WHO is promoting 4 critical actions which they want to be implemented by the government and other global leadership:

  • Efficient data collection program to identify most vulnerable communities which require necessary support
  • They want hardest-hit communities to collaborate with the government and to be diagnosed by their problems and to found out effective solutions for long term cure
  • To identify and tackle the root cause in order to remove the pandemic
  • To demand higher-income nations to send resources such as testing kits, treatment drugs, vaccinations

Value Of Health:

Good health brings us joy, happiness and gratefulness whereas being unhealthy prevents us from consuming all pleasures of life

In order to compete with society in this modern contemporary era, it is essential to stay safe from chronic diseases and short-term illnesses to achieve good health and maintain self-image.

Acquisition of good health  calls for certain concrete steps which come from knowing the needs and requirements of our body such as balanced diet and regular exercise along with cleanliness in the surroundings

To achieve our desired goals in life health plays a major role which should be firm in order to avoid failures

Every person demands high self-esteem with a unique identity which is only possible if he or she takes personal care to remain healthy in both mental and physical aspects.

Every human being should perceive the fact that health alone can be the victory of life and illness is the defeat in life so consider health as a blessing and maintain it as a priority in everyday life.

Homeopathic View:

A homeopathy is a natural approach to medicine that works without side effects

According to a homeopathic system of medicine:

  1. Health is said to be mental physical and emotional well being
  2. The disease is a dynamic disturbance between the vital force and material body
  3. In Homeopathy disease person is treated on the basis of individualization and symptoms similarity
  4. Homeopathy helps to maintain health and treat a wide range of variables such as long term illness ranging from childhood obesity to elderly diabetes

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