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Dr. Nikhat Chaudhary

Meet Dr. Nikhat Chaudhary, a standout figure in healthcare with an impressive journey. She started by earning her B.H.M.S from CMP Medical College in Mumbai, a top-notch Homeopathic college. Later, she done her post graduate diploma in emergency medical services at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, and also studied cosmetology at AIICTN, Mumbai.

Dr. Nikhat didn’t stop there; she became the Chief Medical Officer in the Merchant Navy. Her expertise expanded to clinical trials as investigator physician for big names like CIPLA, Sun Pharma, Nyka, Colorbar, Dr. Reddy, and more.

With five years of hands-on experience in Homeopathic practice, Dr. Nikhat Chaudhary collaborated with Homeopathy experts like Dr. Farokh Master and Dr. Rajan Sankaran. At present she is serving as Assistant Homeopath at Homeo Care Clinic.Her journey is not just about degrees; it’s a story of dedication, adaptability, and making a mark in the evolving field of healthcare.