Patient Case Study (ABT-121)- Fissure

Patient Review

Elderly Women with severe unbearable pain due to Fissure In Ano showed good results with homeopathy

Mrs. G, C aged 51 years (Registration Number ABT-121) was suffering from Fissure-in-Ano since 2020. She went to many allopathic doctors and they used to give her temporary relief from pain and swelling and also most of them advised surgery. She was reluctant for surgery. Then she visited “Homeo Care Clinic” on 1st April 2022 for treatment. She would have severe cutting pain while passing motion, swelling in the anus, and a cult-like sensation. Pustular Discharge from Anus, It was unbearable pain for her. The pain would aggravate sitting for a long duration. The pain was affecting her daily routine life. She was also suffering from constipation. She would pass hard stools and would strain a lot while passing stools. The complaints used to aggravate after eating spicy, non-veg, and fish.  She was using some cream that would give her temporary relief. She was very frustrated with this condition as the pain was disturbing her daily routine. She is taking treatment for Depression for 1 year.

She had an average appetite. She cannot tolerate hunger and has a marked craving for sweets.

Her father was suffering from Piles and her Brother had Digestion issues.

She takes time to mix up. She does not like to go out, she likes dancing. She would get angry on silly matters and would never express her anger. No confidence in meeting people. She would get offended easily and wanted respect from other people.

Dr. Vaseem Choudhary studied her case in detail and prescribed her constitutional remedy and advised her to drink plenty of water and avoid spicy and fatty food.

The patient came for a follow-up on 8th May 2022, after 6 weeks of medications; Her boils reduced by 80%. Itching & dryness were reduced by 50%, and Pustular Discharge, Pain reduced by 70%. Motions are more satisfactory now.

The patient came for 2nd Follow up on 17th June 2022, for medications, Fissure-in-Ano (Swelling) had reduced by 90%. Itching & dryness were reduced by 70%, and Pain was reduced by 80%. Motions 3 times a day.

The patient came for 3rd Follow on 27th July 2022, Fissure-in-Ano was reduced by 95%, and No Itching, Scratching & Dryness, and Pustular Discharge were reduced completely.

The patient came for her 4th Follow up on 13th September 2022, she completely recovered from Fissure-in-Ano. No Discharge. There was no pain or constipation. She was advised to have a balanced diet.


This case illustrates that homeopathy can treat Surgical cases like Fissures in Ano effectively and safely within a short time.


If the fissure is for a very long time and has some complications then the patient is better treated surgically. However, even after the surgery, homeopathic treatment can still be considered to prevent the recurrence of Fissure, as the chances of recurring Fissure are about 70-80%.